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Our Story

"As a child coming from your average middle-class family, I was

fascinated by high end timepieces, but knew I could never afford

them. As I grew older, I realized some of these “high end” watches

that were $500 or more, were being produced at a fraction of the cost.

I have set out to create a brand around products that I love, at a price

that I would be willing to pay for them. With having a much lower

overhead than other brands, we provide the quality well above a $500

watch for $69 or less!" - Landon “Beau” Link - CEO & Founder


TimeWise Watch Company was founded upon the saying that 'style

should always be affordable'. Growing up in New York, and inspired

by the steampunk / industrial architecture, I have set out to create

TimeWise Watch Company to provide high end products at affordable

prices, without sacrificing the exquisite quality within. With our

connections in high end leather and steel manufacturing, we have

decided to create luxurious products at prices that can't be beat. We

design, manufacture, and hand assemble every watch that we sell. In

doing this, we assure our customers are getting the highest quality

products, at the best prices. Our one of a kind designs are shipped

directly from us, to our consumers, so there's no middle man or wait


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